An Efficient and Optimized Protocol for DNA Extraction from Animal Tissues

Peyman Yari, Tayebeh Valiee, Hoda Bashiri, Danial Kahrizi, Kheirollah Yari


Extraction of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule is a critical and basic step affecting molecular-based techniques. Therefore, researchers have been used different modified and optimized protocols for efficient genomic DNA extraction from biological samples. In this research, we reported a rapid and optimized protocol with cost-efficient and non-poisonous reagents for extraction of DNA molecule from animal tissue sample. This efficient protocol was optimized based on combination of salting-out and boiling methods. Extracted DNA with current protocol was qualified using gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometric and PCR analysis. Our results showed that by this protocol highquantity and high quality of DNA was extracted and isolated DNA was successfully can be used for molecular and PCR-based techniques.  In conclusion, we reported a rapid, cost-efficient and non-toxic procedure for high yield DNA extraction from animal tissues.


Keyword: Animal tissue, Genomic DNA extraction, Optimized procedure

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