Preliminary Study of Ethno-Medicinal Plants Used to Cure Different Diseases in Dantiwada Region, Gujarat

  • Prakash K. Patel Department of Botany, SPT Arts and Science College, Godhra, Gujarat,
  • Mukesh K. Patel Department of Biology, R. R. Mehta Science College, Palanpur, Gujarat,


Popular knowledge of plants used by humans is based on thousands of years experience. Knowledge of plant use was widespread in ancient civilizations. Until the middle of the 19th century, plants were the main therapeutic agents used by humans, and even today their role in medicine is still relevant. In India, the use of plants for medicinal treatment dates back to 5000 years. It was officially recognized that 2500 plant species have medicinal value while over 6000 plants are estimated to be explored in traditional, folk and herbal medicine. Ethno-medicinal assessments of plants to manage human disorders in the study area were considered through a survey conducted among the primitive tribal community during 2011-2014 in Dantiwada region, Gujarat. First-hand information on ethno-medicinal recipes, dosage and their mode of administration etc., was gathered from herbal practitioners of tribal healers of Dantiwada region, Gujarat. In current study, the detailed botanical name, local uses, local names, preparation and administration for diseases treated were recorded for each species. A total of 25 used plants were described by the tribal healers in their medicinal formulations. These plant species were distributed into 17 families. Keyword: Dantiwada, Ethno-medicinal, Traditional Knowledge, Tribal

Author Biography

Prakash K. Patel, Department of Botany, SPT Arts and Science College, Godhra, Gujarat,
Department of BotanySPT Science College, GodhraDist.: Panchmahals, GujaratIndia


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